Customer Care Department

We will make every effort to resolve any problem, but if any client is still unhappy with our response we will pass on the contact details of the ombudsman or any other body that they may wish to pursue a complaint on their behalf.

Customer Service guaranteed

MEMonline are Registered Insurance Brokers (details at the foot of each page) and have been trading for over 40 years. We have tens of thousands of clients and have never experienced any complaints or seen a client needing more insurance cover than we provide. Our aim is to give client’s the cover they need at an affordable price.

Our Legal Protection offer will be virtually identical to the Legal Protection offered by your insurer or broker.

We are not a ‘no win no fee business’ and we offer a 21 days cooling off period, which no other UK insurer offers. Remember any Legal Protection product is only applicable in the event of a non fault claim.

Our’s is the best insurance offer in the UK.

Changes to ways that we accept payment

Clients have expressed concern about the increase in fraud in all areas due to the difficult financial situation for many people, therefore we are asking clients to pay online via our website. The vast majority of our clients already pay by this method and in over 15 years we have never had a problem. Your personnel details and payment information are kept safe through ourĀ Secure Checkout.