Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the family legal care for any family member?
Yes, any family member can be included, they do not have to live at your address and in law’s can be included.

I own two vehicles, do I therefore need to purchase two of your Motorist Legal Care products?
The 2, 3 or 4 vehicle deals do not have to be relatives and each registration number you give us is covered for any driver using that vehicle with the owners permission.

What information is needed?
We only need the registration numbers. Then any driver or passenger of the vehicles has Legal Care (assuming the driver is insured).

Do the four vehicles have to be cars?
No. Motor cycles and vans can be included.

Do you charge a fee if we change the registration number?
We never charge fee’s for any amendment.

If I am involved in a motor accident do you provide a replacement car similar to my own car?
Yes we do! MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd credit hire facility includes a full range of vehicles from a motorcycle through to a HGV, from a Mini to a Ferrari they will do their best to provide you with a car that matches very closely to your own car.
All vehicles provided will be less than 3 years old. MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd can also supply you with a taxi if you are a taxi operator, and coach for tour operators.

Can you arrange for body repairs to be carried out to my vehicle?
Good News! – No need to pay your policy excess. If your car can be repaired then MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd can arrange for this to be undertaken by one of their national panel of garages. You do have the option of using your own garage but the time it takes to get the go ahead for your repairs to begin may take a little longer than if you use one of their recommended garages. This means you do not have to make a claim on your own insurance policy and therefore you do not need to pay any policy excess which could be £250, £350 £500 or more. By also not claiming off your own insurance policy you will have no fear of losing any of your no claims bonus. The cost of the repairs and the inspection of your vehicle prior to repair will be recovered from the insurer of the fault driver.

In the event of a non-fault accident do I need to notify my Insurance company?
Not before calling MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd. It may be that your insurers would expect you to pay an excess on your policy of £££’s and as soon as you claim on your policy your no claims bonus will be at risk. What’s more MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd can arrange the same sorts of services as your insurance company at no cost to you.

What will happen if my car is a write off?
If your car is written off as a result of an accident that was not your fault MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd can help. They will arrange for a replacement vehicle to be provided to you. Provided you do not have access to a replacement vehicle yourself or you can replace your vehicle from funds available to you. We aim to keep you in the replacement vehicle right until you receive and bank a cheque from the third party’s insurance company.

How long will my case take?
The length of each case depends upon the individual circumstances of the claim. However, in relation to straight forward cases, we can arrange vehicle repairs and rehabilitation services almost immediately, and we would expect to recover compensation for your injuries within six months of you contacting us. Severe injury cases generally take longer. But every case is different, your solicitor will tell you the average time for your type of case.

Will I have to fill out loads of paperwork?
No. Your solicitor should be able to do most of the necessary paperwork for you. You will have to check the details of your claim before it is put forward, but your solicitor can help you with this.

Will I have to go to court?
The vast majority of cases are settled without any need for court attendance.

Isn’t the law frightening?
Not when you have a good lawyer explaining things to you properly and looking after your best interests. That is why MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd has been successfully using specialist solicitors for many years and has helped thousands of injured people win their claims.

Will people think less of me for claiming?
It’s important to remember that accident victims legally deserve to receive proper compensation when they have suffered injury. You are not claiming something for nothing. Modern health and safety regulations exist because over the years ordinary people have been prepared to claim.

Does my legal care extend outside the UK?
The policy covers the whole of the UK including England, Scotland and Wales only (excluding Eire and Northern Ireland).

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