If you are a young driver, have an exotic car or have driving convictions and suffer from very high premiums, Excess Protection Insurance may be the answer to some of your prayers.

Our Excess Protection Insurance relates to one car at a time, so if your motor insurance excess is greater than you like or if you would like to save money and reduce your insurance premium by increasing your voluntary excess, you should purchase our Excess Protection Insurance.

Insurance Excess Pricing Options £100-£750

Insurance Excess Pricing Options £1,000-£2,000

How does it work?

When obtaining prices for your car insurance simply price in a large excess and see what savings can be made by doing that.

Then look at the cost of our excess protection insurance and see how much you can save, it can be hundred’s of pounds.

If you have an accident and your excess is £700 and you have purchased an excess protection policy for £350 you send a copy of the invoice for the £700 excess and you are sent a cheque for £350.

Of course you can buy a policy if you are uncomfortable with the amount of policy excess you have and the same system applies.

Payment Method

Clients have expressed concern about the increase in fraud in all areas due to the difficult financial situation for many people, therefore we are asking clients to pay online via our website.

The vast majority of our clients already pay by this method and in over 15 years we have never had a problem. Your personnel details and payment information are kept safe through our Secure Checkout.

Before Buying…

We would be grateful if you look at our ‘Key Facts’ and ‘Terms and conditions’ before purchasing our Excess Protection. Whilst not compulsory it is better to know what you are purchasing.

NB Online Legal Protection Policies: We do not impose administration fees for any changes to any Legal Protection Insurance Policies such as change of car, address etc. You have 21 days from receipt of your policy to cancel for any reason without charge.

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