GAP Insurance Cover

Car dealers make enormous profit selling GAP Insurance Cover to customers buying cars from them.

You can save hundreds of pounds by purchasing your GAP Insurance Cover from us.

Our experienced highly trained staff will be there to sort out any problems, you won’t have to rely on a car salesman, only interested in selling cars and probably not working for the dealership any longer.

What is GAP Insurance Cover all about?

When you collect your sparkling new car, sit behind the wheel, start the engine and go onto the road for the very first time in your £20,000 new car, the moment it touches the tarmac it is now a ‘second hand car’ and worth around £15,000. Depreciation starts immediately and hits hard.

If you are involved in a ‘total loss’ accident, your fault or not, or the car is stolen and not recovered, the insurance company will only pay out the ‘market price’. This means that you will have to find several thousand pounds to buy another new car or if you are paying for your car with ‘finance’ you will have a large shortfall when paying up the outstanding balance.

GAP Insurance, for a relatively small premium, will cover you for this problem, they will pay you the difference between the ‘new car price’ and what the insurance company have paid you, enabling you to be in a position to purchase another new car.

So its easy to protect yourself against this problem for the first one, two or three years of your vehicles life.

To qualify for GAP Insurance, your car must have been purchased in the last 180 days, worth less than £150,000 (higher values on request) and done less than 80,000 miles.

Up to £25k Vehicle Value GAP Cover Insurance

Up to £50k Vehicle Value GAP Cover Insurance

Before Buying…

We would be grateful if you look at our ‘Key Facts’ and ‘Terms and conditions’ before purchasing this product. Whilst not compulsory it is better to know what you are purchasing.

NB Online Legal Protection Policies: We do not charge administration fees for any changes to your legal policy, such as change of car or address. You have 21 days from receipt of your policy to cancel for any reason without charge.

Contact us to see what you can save without being harassed into buying products that you do not want or need.

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